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Here you can find a List of all Fairtrade Standards as well as the Prohibited Materials List

Download a list of all Fairtrade standards

This list gives an overview of all current Fairtrade standards. It includes details of when the standard was published, and which languages it is available in.

Download the list of all Fairtrade standards

The product specific Fairtrade standards were revised according to a new product classification system in May 2011. A table of this new classification system can be found here.

Product classification

Geographical scope of Fairtrade

The mission of Fairtrade is to promote fairer trading conditions for disadvantaged producers. The geographical scope policy of producer certification determines in which countries producers can be eligible for Fairtrade producer certification.

Income per capita, wealth disparity and other economic and social indicators are taken into account, as well as long-term impact and Fairtrade International’s ability to support producers, to determine which countries can be included in the geographical scope.

The geographical scope is also used to identify Fairtrade pricing regions for the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium.

Download the list of countries covered by Fairtrade, and further details on how they are selected:

Fairtrade Geographical Scope Policy of Producer Certification

Política del Alcance Geográfico para la Certificación de Productores de Comercio Justo Fairtrade

Politique concernant la Portée Géographique de la Certification des Producteurs de Fairtrade International

Política de Escopo Geográfico de Certificação de Produtor para o Comércio Justo Fairtrade

Fairtrade Prohibited Materials List

Download a complete list of the materials prohibited by Fairtrade:

  Fairtrade Prohibited Materials List

  Lista de Materiales Prohibidos de Fairtrade

  Liste des substances interdites de Fairtrade International

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