Small Producer Organization Standard review (April 2018)


Fairtrade is a strategy that aims to promote sustainable development and to reduce poverty through fairer trade.

The objective of this review is to address and find solutions for identified problems or issues with the generically applied requirements in the Standard for Small Producer Organizations. Input from all relevant stakeholders will be considered, including producers and Producer Networks, Fairtrade International staff, product managers, assurance providers, and market facing units.


  • Review and analyse outstanding issues included on the monitoring log on the SPO standard since last revision
  • Collect additional topics, issues and concerns on SPO standard from relevant stakeholder groups
  • Seek solutions from stakeholders to resolve standard related issues Consult on solutions with relevant stakeholder groups
  • Ensure consistency in standards by aligning changes in all related product standards
  • Improve standard language for better clarity and simplicity
  • Develop final proposals for SPO standard for approval by Standards Committee

Key documents

EN | Project Assignment (update 10 April 2018)

ES | Marco de Proyecto (actualizado 10 Abril 2018)

Synopsis of second round of consultation

EN | Synopsis

ES | Sinopsis: Resumen ejecutivo

FR | Synopsis: Résumé

EN | Annex 1

ES | Annex 1

Public consultation – Second round

From 3rd May 2018 until 3rd July 2018. To take part in the consultation, please click on the following links below.

To watch the introductory video:

EN | Getting started: Intro video

ES | Primeros pasos: video introductorio

FR | Premières étapes: vidéo d'introduction

To fill in the questionnaire:

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ES |

FR |

In case you do not have sufficient internet access, you can download the Word form below. Please complete it and send it back to

EN | Consultation document - Second round

ES | Documento de consulta - Segunda ronda

FR | Document de consultation - Deuxième tour

PT | Documento de consulta - Segunda fase

SPO review 2nd Round Consultation Webinar

EN | Webinar

For an overview of the proposed changes in the SPO standard:

EN | SPO standard - overview of proposed changes

Synopsis of first round of consultation

EN | Synopsis

ES | Sinopsis: Resumen ejecutivo

FR | Synopsis: Résumé

EN | Annex 1

ES | Annex 2