Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium Information

The table below lists the Fairtrade Minimum Prices and Premiums for all certified products. When the market price is higher than the Fairtrade Minimum Price, producers should receive the current market price or the price negotiated at contract signing.

For the list of countries where Fairtrade standards are applicable, see our Geographical Scope Policy. In addition, you can download our Guidelines for Evaluating the Costs of Sustainable Production.

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EN | Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium table

ES | Tabla de precios mínimos y prima de Comercio Justo Fairtrade

FR | Tableau du prix minimum du commerce équitable et de la prime du commerce équitable

For some products marked with an asterisk (*) in the column "Price level", special price and payment terms apply. These are published in the Product Trade Standards (Part C of the relevant product standards).

For herbs and spices without a fixed Fairtrade Minimum Price or fixed Fairtrade Premium, the Fairtrade Premium is set globally at 15% of the commercial price. These products can be found in the Fairtrade Herbs and Spices list.

For secondary products and/or derivatives, a default Fairtrade Premium of 15% of the negotiated price must be paid in addition to the negotiated price. Click here for more information and a list of these products.

For fresh and prepared and preserved fruits and vegetables, the pricing methodology is described in detail in this explanatory document.

For oranges for juice and orange juice, you can find here the explanatory document in English and in Portuguese on price model implementation.

The scope of Fairtrade certification in China is limited to the certification against the Fairtrade Standard for Small-scale Producers Organizations and the Fairtrade Trader Standard. The Fairtrade Standard for Hired Labour, the Fairtrade Standard for Contract Production and the Fairtrade Product Standard for Fibre Crops (including seed cotton) are not applicable in China.

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