Living Wage Proxies Estimates Project (April 2018)


  • Develop a methodology to calculate proxy benchmarks for the origins where a LWB does not exist.
  • Calculate the proxy values using the methodology developed.


  • Define guidelines and approaches for the estimation of living wage stopgap measures, based primarily on secondary data;
  • Propose a framework for the estimation with proxies for living wages benchmarks in given countries and particular geographical scopes such as rural and urban areas;
  • Gather and validate secondary data for estimation;
  • Identification of relevant living wage estimation differences (e.g., high-inflation and tax frameworks, demographic issues) that imply deviations from the original Anker’s methodology;
  • Provide reliable tests of estimation;
  • Discuss the proposals with key Fairtrade stakeholders (PNs, NFOs, Standards Team) and decisions bodies (SC and Senior Management Team) as well with recognized experts inside and outside Fairtrade International;
  • Develop a final report with the full methodology and values.

Key documents

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