Coffee pricing model dialogue (April 2018)


To evaluate the current FMP setting mechanism for coffee, discuss and evaluate improvement options to be applied in current coffee pricing scheme, which will enable fairness and positive impact to Fairtrade’s coffee trade.


  • To evaluate the current Fairtrade coffee pricing scheme, its challenges and opportunities; in order to propose improvements aligned with Fairtrade’s strategic objectives.
  • To facilitate a dialogue between Fairtrade stakeholders (producer networks, national Fairtrade organizations, producers and commercial partners, FLOCERT and advisors) on suitable improvements to the current Fairtrade coffee pricing scheme.
  • To agree with Fairtrade stakeholders, on concrete proposals for improvement of the current coffee pricing scheme which will be considered for a future price review.
  • To agree with Fairtrade stakeholders on a plan for a price review in 2019 or another agreed period.

Key documents

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