University of Leeds PhD project: Enhancing Fairtrade farmers’ resilience to environmental change

Brief overview of vacancy

The University of Leeds, in collaboration with Fairtrade International, is looking for a PhD student to help us better understand how climate change and losses of ecosystem services due to land degradation are affecting Fairtrade farmers, across geographies and products. It will critically assess the impacts on crops in the Fairtrade system, using surveys and other tools to review how Fairtrade’s current climate change projects are working, and will make recommendations to enhance Fairtrade international’s interventions to support climate change mitigation, resilience building, and adaptation efforts for affected Fairtrade farmers.

The student will be based at the University of Leeds in the School of Earth and Environment but will undertake trips to both Bonn, Germany (where Fairtrade International is based) and also to the field to undertake primary data collection in countries where Fairtrade crops are impacted.

In line with the collaborative nature of this project, the research approach would likewise need to be action-oriented, bringing together both excellent science with applied impact. The student will expect to feed into and complement ongoing processes at Fairtrade International, including a just-launched Climate Change Systematic Review and Survey being done with other European research institutions.

The student will start in September 2020 and will be funded through to Jan 2024 (3.5 years). If this is of interest, please see more information at You can see how to apply at

Deadline: 6 Jan 2020