HREDD guidance for Fairtrade certified hired labour organisations

Brief overview of tender

Fairtrade Centre of Excellence on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) is issuing a tender to develop:

  • a stand-alone guide for Hired Labour Organisations (HLOs) on how to do HREDD. HLO refers to any type of a producing company that employs and relies on hired workers: Farms, plantations, estates, etc. The length of this guide should not exceed 35.000 characters.
  • a facilitation guide for the staff of Fairtrade Producer Networks, who train HLO staff members on how to do HREDD.

Fairtrade is currently developing similar guides related to smallholder producer organisations (SPOs). These SPO materials can serve as a basis for the HLO materials.

We now seek an external expert to develop this guidance and facilitation guide with us. The key tasks of this expert are to

  • Interview three-five front-running HLOs, to identify some good practices in implementing (some of) the due diligence activities
  • Revise the guide and facilitation guide developed for Fairtrade SPOs, to suit hired labour settings and to highlight the identified good practices.
  • Incorporate two rounds of feedback from Fairtrade staff.
  • Support Fairtrade staff members/facilitators in developing two pilot trainings (within one country). One full work-day should be reserved for each the facilitators.
  • Observe the actual pilot trainings; discuss lessons learned with the steering group and integrate the findings.
  • Final revision and polishing of the materials.

Please respond to Meri Hyrske-Fischer

Deadline: 6 Dec 2021

Please note: guidance on how to apply is available in the download.