FAIRTRADE GLOBAL SUGAR: Carbon & Water Footprint Studies

Brief overview of tender

Fairtrade International is looking for a consultant to present & explain the pertinence of analyzed outcomes as well as prioritizing & summarizing information like best practices to a wider public in an illustrative manner to a wider public.

The consultant will need to successfully communicate the key features of Fairtrade’s Sugar Carbon and Water Footprint findings and impact in a clear, concise, and appealing manner for its final use in Fairtrade communication report or fact sheets, which will be complemented and finalized by Fairtrade International. The final report will be shared with a wide variety of audiences, including commercial companies, governments, producer organisations and their members, project developers, implementation and funding partners to further the relationship with Fairtrade supply chains as well as encourage sales to benefit Fairtrade sugar producers

Deadline: 14 Jun 2022

Please note: guidance on how to apply is available in the download.