Call for Tender - Consultancy assignment: Study on Fairtrade’s Impact on the external costs of banana farming

Brief overview of tender

Fairtrade is developing its new banana strategy 2021-2025 and one the core pillars of this strategy is Sustainable Banana Farming. In order to assess progress of producers over time, Fairtrade needs to conduct a baseline study to measure the current environmental costs in Fairtrade banana farms, such as water use, GHG emissions, land use, etc. The baseline study will focus on4 countries (Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and it will be based on a representative sample of farmers in each country.

In addition, Fairtrade wants to assess the impact of the Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) on the reduction of socio-economic and environmental externalities.

Fairtrade is looking for consultants to develop both studies (the baseline study and the PIP assessment) in parallel, using the same methodology, in order to allow for comparisons.

Deadline: 15 Jan 2021

Please note: guidance on how to apply is available in the download.