23 May 2022

Fairtrade coffee standard - implementation date within two requirements postponed

Aceh Indonesia coffee producers

In July 2021, Fairtrade International updated its Coffee Standard. A Production chapter was added to this new version, counting with two sub-chapters: Environment Development and Labour Conditions. Both sub-chapters have a risk assessment requirement (3.1.1 and 3.2.1) that were to be implemented as of 15 July 2022.

To comply with these requirements, Producer Organizations need to adjust their current practices. Fairtrade is committed to support Producer Organizations in this and is currently piloting the tools to support them do so. Taking this into consideration, the Standards Unit has decided to postpone the implementation date of those two requirements to 15 January 2023.

This means that all coffee Producer Organizations who got certified prior to 15 July 2021 have to comply with requirements 3.1.1. and 3.2.1 from 15 January 2023. All coffee Producer Organizations certified after 15 July 2021 have to comply with these requirements already now. The implementation date for all other requirements remains the same.

You can find the Coffee Standard here.