We are Workers, Not Slaves: A Bangladeshi Woman’s Quest to Change the Fashion Industry

30 September 2016

In the wake of the latest tragic factory incident in Bangladesh, Fairtrade spoke to Nazma Akter, a garment worker about workers’ rights


Fairtrade Strengthens Support for Farmers and Workers

06 September 2016

New actions on climate, textiles and gender are among a range of initiatives introduced by Fairtrade over the past year and showcased in its annual report released today. The report, “Driving Sales, Deepening Impact”, highlights...


A Brewing Storm - Report Highlights Risk of Climate Change to Coffee

01 September 2016

A new report from the Climate Institute shows coffee quality and cost will be impacted by climate change, but there are things we can do today. Climate change is already putting production and cost pressures on the supply of...


The Olympic City becomes a Fair Trade City

17 August 2016

A golden moment for Rio de Janeiro as it becomes a Fair Trade Town during the Olympic Games


Fairtrade response to Telemundo web documentary “Harvest of Misery”

29 July 2016

The US-based Spanish-language website Telemundo has published a web documentary called "Harvest of Misery" which reports that child labour, poor working conditions, low pay and inadequate certification and auditing are...


Fairtrade Starts Search for Global CEO

19 July 2016

Fairtrade International has begun its search for a new global CEO to lead the world’s best-known ethical trade movement and to deliver the organisation’s ambitious global strategy.


Give a red card to unfair pay for football workers, says Fairtrade

10 July 2016

As Euro 2016 reaches its climax in Paris, teams from all over the world are gathering for the start of this year’s Homeless World Cup where matches will be played using Fairtrade footballs. Fairtrade says fair play should be...

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