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Fairtrade sales top €7.8 billion, fostering sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers

12 October 2017

Release of Fairtrade's annual report, 2016-2017


Landmark Cooperation Agreement to Fight Child Labour and Increase Well-being of Girls and Boys in the Sugar Cane Sector in Paraguay

10 October 2017

Fairtrade supports certified producer organizations and their communities to lead in tackling child labour and improving children’s lives. A new agreement between three Fairtrade certified sugar cane producer organizations in...

Women drying coffee beans in the sun, Guatemala, 2012.

Fairtrade: Setting Our Sights on the Future

19 September 2017

Fairtrade has grown from a small initiative to a global movement in the past two decades. Darío Soto Abril, CEO of Fairtrade International, explains Fairtrade's vision moving forward, including new partnership models and an...


Vanilla Farmers in Madagascar Leading Against Child Labour

19 July 2017

Vanilla is a labour-intensive crop that requires hand pollination outside of its natural habitat in Central America. It’s also one of the world’s most expensive spices, but that premium price doesn’t translate to decent income...


Celebrating 20 Years of Fairtrade International

07 July 2017

On our anniversary we look back on what we’ve achieved so far, and look forward to building the Fairtrade of the future.


Future of Coffee Depends on Adequate Income for Farmers, New Research Finds

13 June 2017

A pilot study by Fairtrade International and True Price shows that despite sustainability pledges in the coffee sector, many coffee farmers struggle to make ends meet. Fairtrade calls for a government and industry-wide response...


Revised Standard Aims to Improve Wages for Flower Workers

29 May 2017

In some countries there are no legislated minimum wages for flower workers which could serve as a basis for wage negotiations. Fairtrade has recently started tackling this issue by revising the standard requirements for flower...

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