Evaluation of Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme Phase II (2010-2013) for Fairtrade International

Published: 1 Jun 2015


The first phase of the Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme (SFFP) programme concluded successfully in 2009. The second phase ended in 2013. A final evaluation of SFFP phase II (2010-2013) was carried out by the Netherlands-based consultancy firm Aidenvironment, an organization known for its expertise in the area of sustainable development and sustainable value chains. The evaluation accounted for the investments made and learning for improvement going forward.

Fairtrade International’s leadership welcomes the findings of this external evaluation, which accurately reflects the achievements and the areas where Fairtrade faces challenges. The report is a rich and constructive resource with targeted recommendations that will help move Fairtrade forward in developing and implementing our strategic framework beyond 2015. We thank Aidenvironment for their work on the evaluation, and the SFFP consortium for their vital support and guidance.

The report highlights Fairtrade’s strategic progress in recent years.