More than 2 Million Supporters Join the World’s Largest Fairtrade Celebration

This year, over 2 million participants in more than 4000 celebrations gathered for Fairtrade Celebrations, to celebrate the difference Fairtrade is making to the lives of farmers and workers worldwide. This event builds on the success of last year’s World Fairtrade Challenge, where coffee lovers drank more than 5 million cups of Fairtrade coffee.

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15 May 2017

Across the globe, Fairtrade supporters organized a wide range of events in their workplace, communities and homes with friends and family. Universities in 13 countries and more than 250 communities organized Fairtrade Celebrations. Breakfasts with Fairtrade products were offered at kindergartens in Germany. In Belgium, Fairtrade supporters enjoyed more than 50,000 pieces of cake, while in El Salvador, producers gathered for a Fairtrade celebration breakfast. The campaign was also supported by retailers and brands engaged with Fairtrade from around the world.

World Fairtrade Challenge – Celebrating Fairtrade

Running from 12 – 14 May, this year’s “World Fairtrade Challenge” mobilized Fairtrade supporters, farmers and workers in celebrating Fairtrade’s achievements over the last three decades, including:

·         More than 1.6 million farmers and workers in 75 countries are now part of Fairtrade.

·         There are more than 1,800 Fair Trade Towns, Cities, Villages and other communities across 28 countries, and tens of thousands of activists, campaigners and consumers, in the global Fairtrade movement.

·         Consumers spent €7.3 billion on Fairtrade products in 2015 – up 16 percent from 2014.

·         The Fairtrade Premium generated by Fairtrade farmers and workers rose to €138 million in 2015. The Premium has been invested in building stronger farming organizations, improving crop productivity, and better education, healthcare and housing.

“It’s fantastic to see so many supporters, producers, and politicians coming together around the world to celebrate the successes of Fairtrade, and to encourage more people to join us, said Dario Soto Abril, Global CEO of Fairtrade International. “Fairtrade has come a long way over the last three decades, with now more than 1.6 million farmers and workers benefitting from fairer terms of trade for their products. There is still so much more to achieve. It’s the grassroots movement, with their everyday actions and campaigns, who play a key part in spurring on businesses and governments to make trade fair for those at the far end of the supply chain.”

Farmers and workers join in the celebrations

Farmers and workers in more than ten countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia joined in the Fairtrade Celebrations. South Africa, Chile and Colombia were among the countries hosting events. Elena González from Cooperativa Montillo Limitada, a Fairtrade sugar cooperative in Paraguay said:  “We joined World Fairtrade Challenge to celebrate World Fair Trade Day. As one of the first organizations to be Fairtrade certified in Paraguay, we have been able to reach several important milestones. We have our own premises, have built infrastructure and maintain top-level equipment in order to provide our cooperative members with excellent services. We are proud to be internationally recognized for our quality export products of Fairtrade certified sugar and rum. Fairtrade continues to help our community on many levels.”

Find out more about the World Fairtrade Challenge

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