Key data: Fairtrade bananas

Here are the latest available figures on Fairtrade bananas. Read more about bananas on our product page.

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27394 Washing Bananas Colombia 870
A worker processes bananas in Colombia.
Image © Dina Elena and Diego Sierra
Bananas premium use HLO updated sep2020 2
Bananas premium use SPO updated sep2020

Data for Fairtrade Premium use in relation to SDGS is from 2017.

Study: 45% lower social and environmental costs for Fairtrade banana production

A study by True Price and TruCost found that Fairtrade banana production incurs 45 percent fewer external social and environmental costs as compared to the sector average – US$3.65 for Fairtrade versus US$6.70 for a standard 18.14kg banana box.

The study suggests most of this difference is due to the higher incomes or wages and better social security protection for Fairtrade producers. Read more.

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