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Our main tasks

Fairtrade International is the organization that coordinates Fairtrade labelling at an international level. From our offices, in Bonn, Germany, we set international Fairtrade standards, organize support for producers around the world, develop global Fairtrade strategy, and promote trade justice internationally

Setting Fairtrade Standards

A key part of Fairtrade International’s role is to develop and review the Fairtrade Standards. These Standards apply to all Fairtrade producers. They also apply to the companies who market Fairtrade products, such as importers, exporters and licensees.

Find out more about how we set Fairtrade Standards

Supporting Fairtrade producers

Fairtrade International also helps producers to gain Fairtrade certification and develop market opportunities. We do this through locally based Liaison Officers who provide training, guidance on certification and facilitate relationships with buyers.

Find out more about how we support producers.

Coordinating global Fairtrade strategy

It is Fairtrade International’s role to assess how we, together with our members, can improve the impact of our work and become more effective in the future.

We live in a changing world in which issues such as climate change, the food crisis and the global recession rise up the agenda of our stakeholders and the general public. Fairtrade International leads the development of global strategies to address emerging issues. We are currently implementing 'Unlocking the Power of the Many: A new global strategy for Fairtrade'.

Find out about Fairtrade International’s strategy

Promoting trade justice

One of Fairtrade International’s tasks is to make the case for trade justice in debates on trade and development. Together with the World Fair Trade Organization - Europe, and the European Fair Trade Association, we set up the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in Brussels.

Find out more about our advocacy work and our partners.



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