The Fairtrade System

Fairtrade International is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder association of 23 member organizations – three producer networks and 20 national Fairtrade organizations. The association has a central office in Bonn, Germany.

The international Fairtrade system includes Fairtrade International, nine Fairtrade Marketing organizations, and FLOCERT (the independent certification body of the global Fairtrade system). The system is governed by a General Assembly and a Board of Directors.

What we do

Setting Fairtrade Standards, Prices, and Premiums

A key part of Fairtrade International’s role is to develop and review the Fairtrade Standards, Minimum Prices and Premiums Find out more  

Coordinating global Fairtrade strategy

It is Fairtrade International’s role to assess how we can improve the impact of our work and become more effective in the future. Fairtrade International leads the development of global strategies to address emerging issues. Find out about Fairtrade International’s strategy  

Supporting Fairtrade producers

Producer networks are regional associations that Fairtrade certified producer groups may join. The networks offer advice, trainings, and financial support to strengthen the capacities of producer organizations, and support sustainable development through fair trade. Find out more  

Building Fairtrade markets

National Fairtrade organizations promote Fairtrade within their borders and license companies to use the Fairtrade Marks. Marketing Organizations promote Fairtrade in new markets. Find out more  

Certifying Fairtrade

FLOCERT is an independent certification company, owned by Fairtrade International, which inspects producers and traders to ensure they comply with Fairtrade Standards. Find out more  

Advocating for trade justice

One of Fairtrade International’s tasks is to make the case for trade justice in debates on trade and development.

Together with the World Fair Trade Organization - Europe, and the European Fair Trade Association, we set up the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in Brussels. Find out more

Fairtrade benefits from an expanding global grassroots supporter base with strong networks of family, friends and work colleagues actively promoting Fairtrade. Find out more

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