Selling Fairtrade

If you’re interested in selling to the Fairtrade market as a producer or as a trader, the following information should provide a starting-point.

Below you can find guidance for:

  • Producers: a producer cultivates or makes the product
  • Traders: a trader buys, sells and/or transforms the product.
  • Brand-owners: a brand-owner puts the FAIRTRADE Mark on their product.
  • Retailers: a retailer distributes and sells the product.

Guidance for producers

Who can be a Fairtrade producer?

Anyone who works in a country within Fairtrade’s geographical scope and supplies a product covered by the Standards, can become a Fairtrade producer.  Find about about the process you might go through

So the first step is to determine if there are Fairtrade Standards that apply to your product and to check that your country is covered by the standards. 

If you have decided you are interested in supplying your produce to the Fairtrade market you should go to the website of FLOCERT, who certifies new producers.   

Why sell Fairtrade certified products?

If you want an introduction to the benefits of selling products to the Fairtrade market, you can see the benefits of Fairtrade and see the producer case studies

How do I start selling to the Fairtrade market?

You must first get Fairtrade certification. FLOCERT is responsible for auditing producer organizations and traders against Fairtrade standards.  No producer organization can become certified without an initial on-site inspection.

FLOCERT is an international certification company that offers Fairtrade certification services to clients in more than 70 countries.

What support is available for Fairtrade producers?

Fairtrade International’s Producer and Service Relations Unit can support producers to secure and retain certification. Fairtrade International also provides grants for producers who cannot afford the initial fees.

Guidance for traders

Why offer Fairtrade products?

Over the last 20 years Fairtrade has become extremely successful. Through a groundswell of consumer support, Fairtrade has now achieved significant market share across many products in 23 countries. In some national markets Fairtrade accounts for over 20% of market share in certain products. In Switzerland Fairtrade certified bananas account for 50% of all bananas sold.

Worldwide consumers spent an estimated 2.9 billion Euros on Fairtrade certified products in 2008, a 22% year-to-year increase.

Selling Fairtrade products gives you powerful way to support producers in developing countries. Fairtrade helps workers and farmers to earn a decent living and secure a better life for themselves.

What are the Fairtrade Standards for traders?

Fairtrade's Generic Trade Standards apply to operators who trade in certified products. Fairtrade International also publishes Fairtrade Product Standards, which complement and add specific requirements to the Generic Trade Standards. Find out more about the Standards.

How to get your product Fairtrade certified?

Fairtrade labelled products need to be certified, all the way along the trade chain from producer to the final packaged product. This assures consumers that the product is Fairtrade. Therefore, if you want to become a trader of Fairtrade products you need be certified by FLOCERT and you need to buy from Fairtrade certified producers.

Visit FLOCERTS’s website to find out more. Once you have done this you may also like to contact the relevant department at FLOCERT to find out more about the certification process:
Latinoamerica y el Caribe
Africa, includes Palestine
Europe, Middle East, North America, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Japan, Hong Kong
North, East and South Asia

Guidance for brands and companies

Thinking about selling your products with the FAIRTRADE label?

To use the international FAIRTRADE Certification Mark on your product, you need to obtain a license. If you are located in a country where Fairtrade International has a national Fairtrade organization or Fairtrade marketing organization, please contact them (full listing here). They will be able to provide you with a license to sell in other countries as well.

If there is no national Fairtrade organization in your country please contact

Please note that Fair Trade USA is no longer a member of the international Fairtrade system. For licensing in the USA, please contact the team at Fairtrade America.

Guidance for retailers

If you wish to distribute and/or sell consumer-ready packaged Fairtrade products (retailer, distributor, web shop), then you do not need a license yourself.

How to source Fairtrade goods for your customers?

If you are a company that is interested in offering Fairtrade products to your customers, you should start by looking at the website of the national Fairtrade organization in your country (full list here).

If there is no national Fairtrade organization in your country please contact

Please note that Fair Trade USA is no longer a member of the international Fairtrade system. If you would like to source Fairtrade products for sale into the USA, please contact Fairtrade America.

Using the FAIRTRADE Mark for promotional purposes

If you wish to use the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark for promotional purposes please see rules regarding the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark.

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