Researching Fairtrade

Fairtrade is still a relatively new area. Many academics and students are keen to examine Fairtrade as a new model in trade and development.

Business students want to know how it works in the market place. There is a growing body of material that can help you. Our members have also started to commission studies on the social impact of Fairtrade. These will help to further our knowledge in this area in the future. 

If you're researching Fairtrade, the links below should help you.

What are the issues facing producers?

Why was Fairtrade set up? What are the issues facing producers in developing countries? Here you can find a general introduction to the problems faced by small scale farmers and workers of specifc products. For example, for some backgound about the issues facing small-scale coffee farmers follow the link to coffee from the products section of this website.

How do producers benefit?

If you want to find out how Fairtrade benefits producers, then have a look at the section of this website about the benefits of Fairtrade.   If you want to find out the stories behind the particular products that you buy, then see the producers section of the site for examples of how individuals and communities have benefited

What about Fairtrade in my country?

If you want to find out about market developments in your own country visit the website of the national Fairtrade organization for your country.  If you want to find out about the market globally or in countries not covered by these organizations contact

Other actors in Fair Trade

We are not the only organization promoting trade justice and a better deal for producers. Find out about our partners in the international Fair Trade movement.

Useful links

If you are looking for academic studies and research on Fair Trade, we recommend you visit the website of the Fair Trade Institute. The site provides the most comprehensive online collection of Fair Trade publications and expertise.

In addition to this, you can also check the website of our partner the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA). Over the past few years, EFTA has been compiling a list of impact studies on Fair Trade.

Other questions?

Have a look at the frequently asked questions section of this site.

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