Buying Fairtrade

Buying Fairtrade products is a powerful way to support producers in developing countries. Fairtrade helps workers and farmers to earn a decent living and secure a better life for themselves.

If you’re interested in buying Fairtrade, the links below should help you.

What products are available?

You can see a full range of Fairtrade products currently available in the products section of this website. To find out about the final packaged products on sale in your country and the shops where you can buy them, visit the website of the Fairtrade organization that covers your country.

If you don’t have a Fairtrade organization in your country then contact Fairtrade International at

How do producers benefit?

If you want to be sure that buying Fairtrade really does benefit the producers, then have a look at the section of this website about the benefits of Fairtrade.  If you want to find out the stories behind the particular products that you buy, then see the producers section of the site for individual examples of how individuals and communities have benefited. 

How do I recognise a Fairtrade product?

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on the product.

Other fair trade products

We are not the only organization promoting trade justice and a better deal for producers.  Find out about our partners in the international Fair Trade movement.

Other questions?

Have a look at the frequently asked questions section of this site.

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