Below is a selection of videos on Fairtrade. You can find more available on youtube and vimeo.

Tackling Climate Change

The coffee farmers of Sonomoro Cooperative in Northern Peru have seen dramatic weather changes in their region. A partnership between the German supermarket chain LIDL, Twin Trading, Fairtrade International and the cooperative is helping farmers learn to adapt to the effects of climate change through a variety of efforts. Produced by Fairtrade Deutschland, narrated by Matt Zuvela.

On the Trail of Fairtrade Cotton

Listen to cotton farmers talk about the concrete benefits Fairtrade has brought to their communities. But also about the challenges they are facing. Film produced in part thanks to the support of the European Union.

On the Fairtrade Coffee Trail

The Green Living Project visited the Fairtrade coffee farmers at KNCU, The oldest Fairtrade cooperative in Tanzania. Come along on the trip.

A Fair Story

A Fair Story is an original short film telling the global story of Fairtrade. Visit to add yourself to the story using Facebook!

Fairtrade for Beginners

This innovative, educational film tells the story of a farm worker on a road-trip through the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa as she learns how the Fairtrade system works. Produced by Naashon Zalk Media.

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