Using the FAIRTRADE Marks

The FAIRTRADE Marks are a visible sign to consumers that products bearing any one of them meet the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards. As one of the most trusted ethical marks in the world, it is important the Marks are used correctly.

All uses of the Mark (by manufacturers, producers, traders, retailers or other organisations) on products or for promotional purposes require prior written approval from Fairtrade International, a national Fairtrade organization (NFO) or a Fairtrade marketing organization (FMO). Find a detailed listing of all NFO/FMOs here.

How to use the Marks

  • The FAIRTRADE Mark is used on the front of packaging to signify that all ingredients that can be sourced as Fairtrade, are Fairtrade. This could be on a single ingredient product like a banana or coffee, or a product with several ingredients, like ice cream or a bar of chocolate. In the case of textiles or in gold or silver jewelry, 100 percent of the cotton, gold or silver content must be Fairtrade certified.
  • The FAIRTRADE Program Mark can be used on the front or back of product packaging. A company can also choose to communicate their commitment through their website or annual or sustainability reports without using the FAIRTRADE Program Mark on any products. The FAIRTRADE Program Mark is used in conjunction with a special Fairtrade Program Statement of support for small-scale farmers, to point out to consumers that it is a different sourcing idea, based on one or two raw products at greater volumes.

The FAIRTRADE Marks are protected trademarks of Fairtrade International. The Marks are licensed for use by either Fairtrade International or your local National Fairtrade Organization.Use of any of the FAIRTRADE Marks is subject to a contractual relationship between licensee (manufacturers, producers, traders) and Fairtrade.

Both the FAIRTRADE Mark and the FAIRTRADE Program Mark have user-friendly guidelines for companies to support the correct use and application of the individual Marks.

For the FAIRTRADE Mark these guidelines are available separately for Food/Drink products, Cotton and Gold. For the FAIRTRADE Program Mark, these are available for Cocoa/Sugar and for Cotton.

Applying to Use the FAIRTRADE Marks

For companies or organizations interested in using the FAIRTRADE Marks on finished products or for promotion, please contact the national Fairtrade organization (NFO) or Fairtrade marketing organization (FMO) in your country. Click here for a list of NFO and FMO countries and their contact details. For companies in countries without an NFO or FMO, please contact Fairtrade International directly at

Please note that FMOs market and promote Fairtrade in their respective country, but Fairtrade International licenses the Marks in these countries.

For groups interested in using the FAIRTRADE Marks to promote Fairtrade products in countries without an NFO or FMO – including producers and traders certified by FLOCERT – contact Fairtrade International at

Approval Process

Fairtrade International provides the guidelines for proper usage of the Marks, tailor-made for each situation. All artwork incorporating the Marks must be submitted to Fairtrade International or your NFO/FMO for approval. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow at least 3 weeks for final artwork approval for the use of the Mark when planning your printing or publishing of materials.

The process is as follows:

  • Contact Fairtrade International, an NFO, or an FMO;
  • Receive FAIRTRADE Mark guidelines and licensing information if applicable;
  • Return the licensing documentation if applicable to Fairtrade International or NFO and submit artwork;
  • Artwork is revised and corrected if necessary;
  • Obtain written approval from Fairtrade International, an NFO or an FMO;
  • Go to print/publish.

Do not change the FAIRTRADE Marks

The FAIRTRADE Marks are the equivalent of a person’s unique signature. The position, size, colour, and proportions of the Marks cannot be altered. Do not re-draw, re-create or cut out any parts of the Mark. Always get a high quality version of the graphic from Fairtrade International or your NFO/FMO.

Special care must be taken not to associate the Mark with

  • any other brand, mark or identity,
  • products that have not been Fairtrade certified.

Confusing or misleading use of the Marks is prohibited. Click here to report possible misuse of the FAIRTRADE Marks.

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