Standard Setting

When a stakeholder signals the need for development of a Fairtrade Standard or revision of an existing Fairtrade Standard, the Standards Unit initiates a standard-setting project according to the following procedures:

These procedures are compliant with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice on Standard Setting.

In essence, the relevance and importance of the ISEAL code is to bring a high degree of credibility to standard setting of private organizations such as FLO. The areas and levels of responsibility are further explained on the ISEAL website and in the following explanatory note. In this note it is also explained which specific efforts were undertaken by FLO to come into compliance with the ISEAL code.

Decisions on Fairtrade Standards are taken by the FLO Standards Committee. Members are appointed and its Terms of References are approved by the FLO Board.

The Standards Committee ensures that decisions taken on standards take into account the views of all the relevant stakeholders and are in line with FLO's mission and policy statements.

The Standards Committee meetings in 2008 will be on:

  • The 26th and 27th of  February
  • The 2nd and 3rd of June
  • The 9th and 10th of September
  • The 18th and 19th of November
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