Manifesto of the Poor: Fairtrade Co-Founder Releases New Book

Frans Van der Hoff, co-founder of Fairtrade

Frans Van der Hoff, co-founder of Fairtrade

28 February 2014

Twenty-five years ago Frans Van der Hoff and friends kicked off the Fairtrade movement bringing the first bags of Max Havelaar coffee to shelves in the Netherlands. The movement they started, alongside the farmers of UCIRI in Mexico, has grown to comprise over 1.3 million farmers and workers in 70 countries working toward a more dignified life (Read about Fairtrade’s 25th Anniversary here).

‘Manifesto of the Poor’, a new book by Van der Hoff, re-ignites and re-affirms the principles on which Fairtrade was founded. In it he shares the inside story of how Fairtrade began and a clear vision for how it can help alleviate global poverty with dignity and a focus on self-reliance.

Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive of Fairtrade International, adds:

“The global economy continues to pursue the impossible – unlimited, infinite growth without equal attention given to human rights or limited resources. Frans’ book shows us the way forward.

“The social enterprises in Fairtrade seek to tackle injustice and inequality head-on. They seek to bring dignity to global trade in a partnership that spans the entire trade chain and puts respect for people and the environment at the core.”

Read Lamb’s foreword to Van der Hoff’s book here.

You can order ‘Manifesto of the Poor’ online here or ask your local bookshop to stock it.

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