FLO and SNV have established a strategic partnership

01 December 2005

Together we hope to contribute to sustainable poverty alleviation by enhancing access to export markets on Fairtrade terms for disadvantaged producers and workers in developing countries and by strengthening their producer organizations.

Both, SNV and FLO recognize that it is of critical importance for economic development in the South to strengthen disadvantaged workers and producers in developing countries to get access to international markets under fair conditions. The partnership lays the foundation for activities in which FLO and SNV can achieve joint synergy and increased effectiveness, with special reference to activities in regions where both SNV and FLO are operating: Asia (Mekong & Himalaya), Latin America (Amazon-Andes countries and Central America), West Africa, East and Southern Africa.

It is expected that 370 producer organizations, representing 600,000 families will benefit from the cooperation between SNV and FLO. Both organizations will contribute roughly 1.2 million euros to appoint 9 to 12 liaison officers in developing countries for a period of two years (2006-2007). The liaison officers will support producer organizations and work together with SNV advisors in the region. Exchange of market information is essential for creating healthy market opportunities.

Access to the Fairtrade market allows small producers the possibility to strengthen their organization and to improve their economic and social position. In order to operate on the international market, especially in the start-up phase it is essential to provide support in the form of market knowledge and marketing for the different product organizations. Some of the products concerned are coffee, cacao, tea, rice, nuts, bananas and different kinds of fruit.

SNV is a Netherlands-based, international development organization that provides advisory services to organizations and governments in developing countries in their fight against poverty. SNV works worldwide with nearly 1,800 organizations in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and Latin America. SNV's core business is providing demand driven advice with the aim to promote poverty alleviation, while conserving the environment and by combining thematic expertise with capacity building and institutional development. SNV is active in: collaborative forest and fresh water management, sustainable tourism, market access for the poor, local governance and biogas and renewable energy. SNV is dedicated to a society in which all people enjoy the freedom to pursue their own sustainable development. SNV advisors contribute to this by strengthening the capacity of local organizations.

For more information on SNV's activities and projects, visit the Website www.snvworld.org

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