Fairtrade Producers in South Africa Remember Mandela

11 December 2013

Our member organization, Fairtrade Label South Africa and Fairtrade producers contributed this salute to Nelson Mandela on his passing.

As we mourn the death of the father of our nation we also celebrate the life he lived and the opportunities he, along with others, have afforded South Africans since the end of Apartheid. Former president Nelson Mandela, or Tata Madiba as many lovingly acknowledge him, dedicated his life to democracy and human rights.

Arlene Barnard, the Farm Manager Assistant and Fairtrade Officer at African Terroir, said: “A character without comparison and a great man that is free at last.”

"Madiba, Nkosi, Tata, thank you for teaching us about acceptance, love and respect. We learned more by your example than through words," said Amanda Viviers, Accountant/Bookkeeper at Du Plessis Wines.

His death is not the end of a legacy, but rather a reminder that we need to continue what he began so many years ago. He has laid the foundation for us to continue building his dream of a nation built on peace, prosperity, non-sexism, non-racialism and democracy.

“My hero has fallen to an eternal sleep. He was a father of a nation, a global icon. Madiba’s ideals and actions for a fair and just society which he was prepared to die for, has personally affected me and opened so many closed doors, said Vernon Henn, Managing Director of Thandi Wines, a farmer-worker majority-owned winery.

“I can truly say Nelson Mandela has allowed me to travel the continents of the world and now my quest is to continue his legacy through a Fairtrade business to touch the lives of as many other desperate people in search for that better life.”

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