Celebrate World Fair Trade Day!

11 May 2012

Tomorrow is World Fair Trade Day, and it’s time to celebrate! You can join thousands of people across the globe campaigning for fairer terms of trade.

Why not organize a Fairtrade Breakfast with your friends?

It’s a fun, social way to enjoy yummy Fairtrade foods and help spread the word (and jam on toast). Last year a quarter of a million people in 22 countries took part. This year you can be one of them.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But in a world where many families can’t afford three meals a day, what would the impact be if everyone ate a Fairtrade breakfast? Fairtrade works to change the unfair trade practices that disadvantage millions of people. Over 1.2 million farmers and workers now benefit from fairer prices and a better trade deal, but there are still many more to reach. Show your support for a fair deal for all farmers and workers by hosting a Fairtrade Breakfast today!

Congratulate the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz for supporting Fair Trade!

Today the European Parliament president released a statement of strong support for Fair Trade: "As president of the European Parliament I would like to take this opportunity to thank the global and European Fair Trade organisations and especially all the Fair Trade producers in the South and the many volunteers within the Fair Trade movement for the important work they do, and for leading the struggle for more equitable trade. Thank you, and happy World Fair Trade Day 2012!”

And the European Parliament is not just talking the talk. According to Schulz: “The European Parliament has repeatedly and overwhelmingly called for policies in support of Fair Trade.”

Read Martin Schulz’ full statement here or e-mail to thank him for his support.

Witness Fair Trade take off in Lebanon

This weekend in Lebanon – one of the latest additions to the Fairtrade family – farmers and consumers will come together for a massive Fairtrade Brunch in the Beirut souks. It’s the first major event for this country, with the first Lebanese farmers joining Fairtrade just a few months ago. Follow on our blog FLO on the Road or check out Fair Trade Lebanon’s website.

Check out a Fair Trade event near you

Look for more events at your local Fairtrade organization’s website or on the World Fair Trade Day website, hosted by the World Fair Trade Organization.

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