Fairtrade launch in Estonia

08 May 2007

The Fairtrade Certification Mark was officially launched in Estonia on May 8th. Estonia becomes the first Baltic country to offer Fairtrade Certified Products. Several products such as coffee, tea, sugar, fruits and wine can be found in one of Tallinn’s central food stores Kaubamaja and some specialty stores. However, it is expected that all major retail chains in the country will offer Fairtrade products by the end of the year.

The official launch took place on Monday May 7th with a seminar titled: "Look closely -- what is in your coffee cup?" in cinema Sõprus in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. A special guest speaker Dr. Alex Nicholls, from Oxford University, and Artur Taevere, from NGO Heategu, discussed about social entrepreneurship and Fairtrade. After the Seminar, the participants had the opportunity to watch the film “Black Gold”, a documentary which exposes the inequities of the coffee industry.  

The official launch events were held on Tuesday May 8th, starting with a press conference at 11.00. Riina Kuusik, Fairtrade Coordinator in Estonia, Tuulia Syvänen, Managing director of Fairtrade Labelling Finland, Verónica Pérez, from Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International and Dr. Alex Nicholls from Oxford University presented the Fairtrade Labelling System and the guarantees behind the Fairtrade Certification Mark to the Estonian Press. The Press Conference was followed by a seminar "Fairtrade - a real business?" for retailers and importers and an evening reception, where guests had the opportunity to taste Fairtrade Products.

From Tuesday 8th to Saturday 13th, Estonian consumers had the opportunity to taste Fairtrade products at all Kaubamaja stores in Tallin.


A volunteer serves samples of Fairtrade wine in Kaubamaja stores in Tallinn

More information about Fairtrade Labelling in Estonia can be found on the website www.fairtrade.ee


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