Fairtrade flower producers hope for renewed sales as flights to Europe resume

21 abril 2010

Fairtrade producers of flower and fresh produce breathe a collective sigh of relief as flight restrictions to and from Europe are gradually lifted.  The European ban on flights due to the erupting Icelandic volcano had put a hold on virtually all of their sales into Europe.  Farms had to destroy many tonnes of market-ready goods which perished before they could be exported.

No Fairtrade certified farm has reported layoffs of workers. The farm management managed the situation by encouraging workers to take up early paid leave, clearing any pending off days and redeploying workers to other sections/departments.

Fairtrade producers are hopeful that they will soon be exporting at full capacity.  Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International urges consumers show their support by purchasing Fairtrade flowers.

For more information, please contact:
Reykia Fick: r.fick@ fairtrade.net, +49 228 949 2314

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