“Organic + Fair” blazes path for a truly sustainable global future

Fairtrade at BioFach 2010

16 February 2010

Fairtade applauds BioFach 2010’s choice of theme “Organic + Fair”.  The world’s leading ethical certification label, Fairtrade will feature in key events in BioFach Congress and trade fair in order to strengthen cooperation with the organic movement and secure fair treatment and trade for farmers and producers.

“BioFach’s focus on ‘Organic + Fair’ shows tremendous foresight.  Only by delivering a better deal for people and the environment will we succeed in alleviating poverty,” says Tuulia Syvaenen, Chief Operating Officer of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), the global body for Fairtrade.

This year’s theme at the world’s largest organic trade fair highlights the close and growing relationship between the organic and Fairtrade movements.  Over one third of Fairtrade products sold today are also organic certified.  Companies can now access the rapidly-growing market for products with double organic + Fairtrade certification.  Bringing these products to consumers enables rural communities to protect their local environment while gaining the economic stability they need to build a sustainable future.

For producers who lack resources, improving their economic situation through Fairtrade can be a prerequisite for gaining organic certification.  Fairtrade delivers unique benefits to small-scale farmers and workers – such as stable prices and funds for development.  This brings the stability and investment thousands of producers have needed to convert to organic.  Once organic certified, Fairtrade farmers and workers benefit from higher prices for many products.  

Even for producers who are not organic certified, Fairtrade includes standards to protect their environment in addition to improving social and economic conditions. The Fairtrade environmental criteria includes reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, no slash and burn or genetically modified products, protecting water and natural resources, and waste prevention and recycling.

"There can be no sustainability in this world without fairness," says Dieter Overath, Executive Director of the German Fairtrade organization TransFair, speaking at BioFach’s opening press conference.


For more information about Fairtrade's presence at BioFach, click here

For more information about Fairtrade certification or to arrange an interview, please visit us:
Organic+Fair Hall 5, Stand 5-200d

Or contact:
For Fairtrade globally and standards: Laura Zonka (+49 172 541 6076), Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO)
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