Monitoring Report Highlights Fairtrade Impact for Producers

22 December 2011

Combing through audit reports and pulling out the key data for over 1 million farmers and workers around the world is no easy task. After several months of diligent work, Fairtrade International’s Impact Assessment Manager Kate Kilpatrick recently completed the 2011 Monitoring Report and we are pleased to now make it available to the public. The report is based on producer data from 2010 and delivers a wealth of information on the impact Fairtrade is making for farmers and workers in developing countries

The report demonstrates that Fairtrade is working for producers, who reported a 22% increase in Fairtrade Premium returns in 2010 from the previous report period, and a 24% increase in Fairtrade sales value to producers overall.

We also see continued growth in the numbers of farmers and workers participating in Fairtrade.  An estimated 1.15 million people benefited in 2010 and we expect this to have exceeded 1.2 million in 2011.

Equally encouraging is the fact that small producer organizations are increasingly investing in the development of their businesses, for example through processing, productivity, quality improvements and investments in strengthening their organizations.

The report is also valuable in revealing areas where we have challenges to overcome, and is helping us to identify key areas and programmes to work on in the months ahead.

Click here to download the full report.

You can also find previous editions here.

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