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19 January 2011

A new, original short film tells the story of Fairtrade and invites viewers to become part of the story onscreen. The interactive film, “A Fair Story,” was unveiled to an international audience this week at and via YouTube.

The film represents the essence of Fairtrade with a book which is passed from producers to trading companies to consumers, showing how everyone is connected through the Fairtrade system.

Viewers can become part of the film through Facebook Connect and will see their profile image throughout the film. At the end of the film the user will have the chance to share it with friends.

When shared in Facebook the film will:

  • Be playable in both the user’s wall and within all the user’s friends’ news feeds
  • Have roll-over pop-up functionality
  • Show the Fair Story microsite URL
  • Show Call to Action copy

At key moments during the film, users can activate additional information by rolling over highlighted hotspots to activate pop-ups with additional information on how Fairtrade helps producers from all around the world. The language of the pop-ups will vary from country to country. There are currently five language versions of the film: English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Staff at the Fairtrade Foundation UK, along with lead agency Generation Alliance; interactive experts The Rumpus Room; and film producers The Sweet Shop worked on "A Fair Story," which is part of an international rebranding of the FAIRTRADE mark.

The film can be viewed at or on Youtube.

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