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The 2012 Fairtrade Breakfast Campaign is underway

03 May 2012

Why not start your day with a cup of coffee grown by the Hop Tac Cooperative in Vietnam ? Or make pancakes filled with bananas from small producers groups like APPBOSA in Peru? Or go one step further and organize a breakfast in your office or home, and get your friends, colleagues and family to come along? Not only will you be enjoying delicious food and drink but you will be supporting farmers and workers in developing countries, as well as joining thousands of people across the globe campaigning for fairer terms of trade.

Last year, around a quarter of a million people took part in 22 countries, holding breakfasts big and small with Fairtrade products in April and May. Some of the events were massive – with hundreds of people eating breakfast in public squares on World Fair Trade Day. Others were closer to home with families seeing how many Fairtrade products they could get on the breakfast table. This year, events are taking place worldwide from 20 April to 20 May, in countries as diverse as Ghana and Germany, Austria and Australia. In Lebanon, one of the latest additions to the Fairtrade family, farmers and consumers will come together for a massive Fairtrade Brunch in the Beirut souks on the weekend of World Fair Trade Day (12-13 May). It’s the first major event for this country, with the first Lebanese farmers joining Fairtrade just a few months agohttp://www.fairtrade.net/single_view1+M5bdddec1ea1.html

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but millions of people around the world miss this meal because they can’t afford to eat three times a day. For farmers, workers, their families and communities, increased local food prices and higher food production costs mean that incomes are not always sufficient to meet growing household costs.

Fairtrade works to change this. Over 1.2 million farmers and workers now benefit from fairer prices and better terms of trade, but there’s still many more who we need to reach. Help us get a fair deal for all farmers and workers by eating a Fairtrade breakfast today!

For inspirational breakfast ideas check out our breakfast page.

Breakfast campaigns are being held in these countries:

Even if your country isn’t listed you can still join in. Find out more here. 

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