FLO celebrates UK government’s £12 million commitment to Fairtrade as major step toward achieving World Food Day goal of eradicating hunger

15 October 2009

“The root cause of hunger is poverty, and poverty is often the result of bad trade conditions,” says Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) CEO Rob Cameron on the eve of the United Nation’s World Food Day on October 16th.  “Add to that the impact of the economic recession and now those least to blame – the world’s poor – are the first and hardest hit.  Therefore FLO commends the UK Government’s commitment to multiply its support to Fairtrade.  This will help over a million more poor people around the globe to access economic and social gains through Fairtrade.”

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)’s landmark investment of £12 million over four years highlights its recognition of Fairtrade as an effective means to fight poverty and hunger.

“Fairtrade has been one of the great successes in international development in recent years,” said UK International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander in a BBC interview. “We’re confident that this money will make a real difference.”

DFID’s six-fold increase in its funding, as part of an international donor consortium, will allow Fairtrade to considerably expand its reach.  Key aims include:

  • A 100% increase in the number of farmers in the Fairtrade system to 2.2 million
  • Programs for vulnerable producers to access Fairtrade markets: those from lowest income countries, fragile states and conflict zones
  • An increase in the range of Fairtrade products
  • A more than doubling of Fairtrade Premium funds for community development to more than €100 million per year
  • A three-fold increase in the global sales of Fairtrade certified products to a value of €9.8 billion by 2014

World Food Day’s theme for 2009 is "Achieving food security in times of crisis".  As over one billion people go hungry for the first time in human history, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has identified fair competition in international commodity markets and fair wages for farmers as key to achieving food security.

Fairtrade supports marginalized farmers, workers and their communities achieve greater food security through stable minimum prices, funds for community development investments, long-term trading partnerships, access to international markets, and environmentally sustainable production techniques.

“We are grateful for this funding which will help Fairtrade to strengthen, broaden and deepen its reach.  We hope other donors and policy-makers will follow suit,” says Cameron.


For more information please contact:
Regina Koerner, Head of Communications, FLO
office: +49 228-949 23285,  mobile: +49 172 541 6079, r.koerner@fairtrade.net

FLO sets the standards for Fairtrade. The organization unites national Fairtrade organizations across Europe, North America, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as producer networks representing Fairtrade certified producer organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  Today, more than five million people - farmers, workers and their families - across 59 developing countries benefit from the international Fairtrade system.

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