Ben & Jerry's goes 100% Fairtrade

24 febrero 2010

FLO congratulates Ben & Jerry’s on their commitment to go fully Fairtrade across Europe by the end of 2011 and then globally by the end of 2013.

This decision by Ben & Jerry’s means that every ingredient that can be sourced Fairtrade certified, now or in the future, is Fairtrade certified.   Globally, this involves working across eleven different ingredients such as cocoa, banana, vanilla and other flavourings, as well as fruits and nuts.  It also means working with Fairtrade Coops that total a combined membership of over 24 000 farmers.

Rob Cameron, Chief Executive of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) says, “We want to see as many farmers and workers benefitting from Fairtrade as possible. This long term ambition by Ben & Jerry’s will help alleviate poverty for thousands of farmers, enabling them to improve their lives. It is a major step forward in our own ambition to strengthen, broaden and deepen the global impact of Fairtrade. Such commitments demonstrate that Fairtrade really can, as so many of us believe, make a difference.”

In 2005, Ben & Jerry’s became was the first ice cream company in the world to use Fairtrade certified ingredients and today it’s moving ahead as the first ice cream company to make such a significant commitment to Fairtrade across its global portfolio.

Company co-founder Jerry Greenfield said, “Fairtrade is about making sure people get their fair share of the pie. The whole concept of Fairtrade goes to the heart of our values and sense of right and wrong. Nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else.”  

Farmers selling Fairtrade products earn a better income, which allows them to stay on their land.  Fairtrade Premium funds also allow for reinvestment in their farms, their families, their communities and their future.  Fairtrade means that certified farmers are using environmentally sound practices to grow and harvest their crops in a sustainable way.


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