A New Look for Fairtrade

21 enero 2011

We are proud to introduce Fairtrade International (FLO) and a new brand new appearance. As of January 21, the online presence, name and logos of FLO have all undergone changes that better express what Fairtrade is all about; people first.

The new abbreviated name, ‘Fairtrade International’, is a reflection of our vision to simplify the system and extend the benefits of Fairtrade to a greater number of farmers and workers, traders and consumers. The Fairtrade Certification Mark (at right) will continue to assure consumers that products bearing it have met Fairtrade Standards.

“I’m so pleased to see the values of Fairtrade – action, integrity, respect, challenge and optimism – reflected in what you see online and in publications,” said Rob Cameron, Chief Executive Officer at Fairtrade International.  

“Fairtrade International puts a human face to global trade and this is now proudly expressed in our brand.”

The new round Fairtrade logo separates the key symbol from the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark and allows for more creativity and inspiration in promoting the Fairtrade movement. The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark in its familiar black rectangle will continue to assure consumers, traders and producers that products have met rigorous Fairtrade Standards.

Along with the new logo, Fairtrade International introduces a new palette of colours that bring the global vibrancy to the Fairtrade system. These colors are a reminder of the land, the produce, the cultures and most importantly the people who are the heart of the Fairtrade system.

For more information about the new branding, visit our FAQ.

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