Barbara Fiorito elected Chair of FLO Board of Directors

01 June 2006

The Board of Directors of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) International is pleased to announce that Barbara Fiorito was elected Chair of FLO’s Board at its May 18th meeting in Bonn, succeeding Simon Pare who served from 2004-2006.

With years of experience in senior positions, both in the private and non profit sector, Barbara brings a wealth of skills to her new position at FLO.

From 1964-1992, she held executive positions in financial services and securities management firms. She had a long career at the Chemical Banking Corporation (now JP Morgan Chase Banking), holding senior posts in the Trust & Investment Bank and Metropolitan Banking Division. During this time, she founded the innovative "Not-for-Profit Group", which specialized in academic, healthcare, religious, arts and cultural institutions, foundations as well as civic and social service institutions, and unions. In the 1970s she developed a "Streetbanker" Program which was used as a model by financial institutions seeking to stimulate small business opportunities in underdeveloped urban areas.

Barbara served on Oxfam America’s Board from 1992 and as Chair of the Board as well as Deputy Chair of Oxfam International from 2000-2005.  Her work and vision helped transform Oxfam America from a small, grants-based NGO into an influential campaigning and advocacy organization with global outreach.

On leave from Chemical Bank from 1968 to 1970, she served in the US Peace Corps in Manila as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor for Manpower Development.  She has also travelled extensively to developing countries in recent years, including Mozambique, South Africa, Mexico, Ethiopia, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

Towards a multi-stakeholder governance

Barbara Fiorito is the first FLO Board Chair who is not an executive of a national Labelling Initiative or affiliated with a Fairtrade-labelling core stakeholder group.  Barbara’s vision, as that of FLO, is to ensure that all core stakeholder groups: producers, Labelling Initiatives, and traders, as well as civil society, will be active and influential voices in the important decisions that FLO faces in the future.

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