Made in the South, Sold in the South: Pick 'n Pay Commits to Fairtrade

31 August 2010

FLO congratulates South African supermarket chain, Pick ‘n Pay, on its commitment to stocking Fairtrade products in its stores.

This decision announced today means that Pick ‘n Pay will introduce Fairtrade coffee in its stores and add more Fairtrade products to its shelves as they become available locally.

“We are eager to work closely with Pick ‘n Pay to increase the availability of Fairtrade products for local consumers as well as to develop new ranges exclusively for our African market”, says Boudewijn Goossens, executive director of Fairtrade Label South Africa.

“What we want to achieve is a dramatic increase in the number of people benefiting from Fairtrade in South Africa and in Africa – namely small farmers, farm workers, their families and communities”.

South Africa is one of the largest Fairtrade-producing countries in the world, supplying everything from fruits and vegetables, wine and coffee to rooibos tea, herbs, spices and nuts. Although the majority of the products are currently destined to Northern markets, a growing demand for locally produced sustainable products is encouraging the creation of a domestic market for Fairtrade in South Africa, leading to a welcome increase in South to South trade.

Bronwen Rohland, director of sustainable development at Pick ‘n Pay, comments that “with more than 700 stores around the country we will be a key player in the creation of a Fairtrade market in South Africa, as well as in the promotion of new local and regional Fairtrade supply chains”.

For more information on the Pick ‘n Pay announcement please contact:

Arianna Baldo, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, Fairtrade Label South Africa at Tel. +27 21 4488911, email: or Boudewijn Goossens, Executive Director Fairtrade Label South Africa at email:

For more information about FLO and Fairtrade please contact Laura Zonka at the FLO Press Office at Tel. +49 228 949 23282, email:

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