FLO, SNV Partnership for Prosperity

02 November 2010

The 4th SNV-FLO Regional Meeting took place in Akosombo, Ghana, 18-22 October, 2010. Representatives from SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) shared experiences, reflected on successes and challenges of the past year and planned for the year ahead.

FLO and SNV began working together in five African countries back in 2006. Since then, their work has expanded to serve 11 countries. The partnership unites two leaders in sustainable market-based social and economic development and combines the skill and expertise of both organizations in the areas of capacity building, governance and market intelligence.

Goals of the effort include:

  • strengthening small producer organizations internally, and expanding networks of such groups;
  • promoting economically sustainable production systems;
  • enhancing income-generating opportunities for small producers by improving market intelligence and access

Worku Behonegne, Regional Director East and Southern Africa, SNV, is proud of the way the two organizations collaborate: “After working together for four years we have almost reached 100% complementarity” said

One major success story of the partnership is a mango project in Burkina Faso. With room in world markets for mangoes, producer groups in Burkina Faso along with FLO and SNV saw a significant opportunity for Fairtrade to improve the lives of local people.

SNV and FLO started working with mango producers to train them in good practices and help them increase productivity. By engaging locally-based organizations producer groups are also receiving support on distributing the Fairtrade Premium, and on making their projects environmentally and socially sustainable. Producers are now using Fairtrade Premium money to dry mangoes, tractors and drill boreholes to bring fresh drinking water to poor communities. View the short film “Mango’s against poverty” to learn more about SNV and FLO’s work in Burkina Faso.

“The collaboration between SNV and FLO is not only about people, planet, and profit,” said Kimberly Easson, Director of Producer Services and Relations at FLO. “It also includes: prosperity, peace and partnership.”

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