Kick-off Seminar for the International Fairtrade Action Network

18 julio 2007

Pro Fair Trade Finland initiates the development of an international network of Fairtrade volunteers, the Fairtrade Action Network.

The first seminar of the International Fairtrade Action Network will take place in Helsinki, Finland from 5-7 October 2007.

Are you experienced or willing to learn more about Fairtrade volunteer activities? If so, join the effort for the development of the international Fairtrade movement! We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about spreading information about Fairtrade and willing to shape a Europe-wide mission of Fairtrade volunteerism. If you are interested in creating a new international network for campaigning and sharing ideas around Fairtrade advocacy, this seminar is meant for you.

The seminar will address the following questions:

- What is Fairtrade and why is it important?
- How can I campaign for Fairtrade in my community/country?
- Where can I get resources and ideas for action for Fairtrade?
- How and why join forces internationally to campaign for Fairtrade?

Guest speakers:

- Miles Litvinoff, Author of the book 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade, UK
- Liana Foxvog, SweatFreeCommunities, USA
- Emma Enebog, General secretary, Rättvisemärkt, Sweden
- Tuulia Syvänen, Managing director, Association for Promoting
  Fairtrade in Finland

About  Fairtrade Action Network:

Fairtrade Action Network is a new international project of Pro Fair Trade Finland, financed by the European Commission. Pro Fair Trade Finland is an NGO that has worked in close co-operation since its founding in 2000 with the Finnish FLO member organization (Association for Promoting Fairtrade in Finland). Our mission is to promote just and ecologically sustainable world trade.

Fairtrade Action Network is planned to serve as a platform for active volunteers promoting Fairtrade around the world. For this cause we are also building a website to serve as a tool in exchanging materials and ideas between volunteers in different countries (photographs licensed for volunteer use etc). Pro Fair Trade Finland has the resources to host the initial activities of the network and hold a follow-up meeting during 2008.


This project aims to networking volunteers from different countries to aid them in promoting and campaigning for Fairtrade either individually or through their own organization. We hope to find participants who are willing to actively participate in the seminar program and are committed to plan the future steps of the international volunteer network. The participants should prepare to give a small presentation of themselves and the work that their organization is currently doing to promote Fairtrade (or future plans). We also hope that participants can bring samples of their campaign materials.

Fees and travel expenses:

For people accepted in the seminar, the participation, meals and accommodation are free of charge. We are inviting altogether 40 participants from different countries.

The participants or their organizations are expected to cover each participants travel cost. However, to ensure a diverse and balanced group of participants with people of different countries, ages, NGOs, backgrounds and education levels Pro Fair Trade Finland is able to give a limited amount of travel grants to participants. To apply for a grant attach details of your travel budget, method of transport and the amount of support you are applying for.

How to apply:

Fill out the information sheet you can find in the attachment to this letter and return it to Pro Fair Trade Finland by 17th of August 2007 by e-mail. We will provide further information to the applicants during August. For questions, please contact

Download the Application form:

Download the Invitation letter:

Download the Programme Draft:

Practical information:

The seminar will be held at a training centre with meals and accommodation included. We will provide detailed information about the locations and directions to those who are accepted in the seminar.

For more information, please contact Minna Mannert, Project Coordinator International Fairtrade Action Network Pro Fair Trade Finland at:
tel. +358 50 559 7296
skype: fairtradeaction

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