Kenyan Fairtrade Certified Producers working towards ensuring supply

11 February 2008

The current situation of violence which is ravaging Kenya is having a negative effect on the economy of the country and businesses are encountering serious difficulties. FLO International through its Liaison Officers in the country are in permanent contact with the currently 37 Fairtrade Certified Producers Organizations operating in Kenya. Currently 17 flower farms, 16 tea cooperatives and estates, 3 coffee cooperatives and 1 sugar cooperative are Fairtrade Certified in the eastern African country.

From the information FLO has received to date, Fairtrade Certified Producer Organizations in Kenya are continuing with their export activities despite the fact that they are facing serious difficulties to transport their produce, given the situation of insecurity across the country. Transport by road predominantly in the western part of the country is proving to be particularly challenging and citizens and businesses alike in this area are counting on the intervention of police escorts for obvious security reasons. Despite these difficulties, Producer Organizations have been able to continue supplying their markets and meet their commitments with buyers and are fully committed to continue their business operations.

FLO International and its members would like to express their profound solidarity with Fairtrade Certified Organizations in Kenya as well as the Kenyan society as a whole and would like to encourage companies and consumers to continue buying products from Kenya. Now, more than ever, workers and farmers in the African country need our full support.

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