The Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign has Kicked Off

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office has an exciting new development to introduce to the world.

22 November 2012

On 10 November, the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign was launched in Poznan, Poland at the 6th International Fair Trade Towns Conference, which was attended by many across the Fair Trade movement, including Fairtrade International CEO Harriet Lamb. The aims of the campaign are big – the creation of a just and equitable world. It will unite local leaders, civil society and the private sector in a call for fair and ethical trade rules so that they can be incorporated into the new development framework when the United Nations Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015.

Leading up to the drafting of the new development trade rules, the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign brings two important buzzwords to the development discussion table: trade and partnership.

Why trade? Because fairer trade rules are the first stepping-stone to achieving sustainable development and human rights by making sure that trade is beneficial to those who have been the ultimate losers in the trade game. When handled fairly, trade becomes an important tool in empowering small farmers and workers which in turn helps to uplift the communities in which they live.

What about partnership? To make the most out of resources and strategies, partnering up is a very effective tool. The idea is that through this Fair Trade initiative, civil society, local authorities, the private sector and the public are linked up to work towards a united long-term goal.

Local efforts are very important in realising these larger goals and often drive larger development agendas. One successful initiative is the Fair Trade Towns Campaign that links up over 1100 towns in 18 countries.

Poznan, the host of this year’s International Fair Trade Conference, is the pioneer when it comes to this campaign in Poland and is now the first proud bearer of the status ‘Fair Trade Town’ in the country. This means that the town supports Fair Trade and will ensure that Fair Trade products are available to its citizens.

Poznan’s mayor, Ryszard Grobelny, was the first person to sign the Beyond 2015 declaration which is core to the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign. The declaration outlines the goals of the campaign and aims to gather the signatures of as many town leaders worldwide as possible, as well as the support of civil society organisations. When this process is completed, the declaration will be sent to the participants of the United Nations High-Level Meeting in September 2013.

Through this campaign, we are forging an important collaboration with civil society and town leaders. The goal is to engage world leaders in creating a new development framework beyond 2015 that supports fairer trade and promotes Fair Trade as a best practice for development.

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