Fairtrade's Global Producer Services Team Gathers in Germany

FLO's global Producer Services
and Relations team with select
FLO staff
Photo by Malin Kundi

21 October 2010

FLO’s Producer Services and Relations team gathered from around the globe last week October 10-16 in Boppard, Germany for a week of intense training, planning and exchange. This was the first time the entire global team met together – around 70 people working across Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and at FLO’s headquarters in Bonn.

“It was a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues working in other producer regions. We can learn from their experiences in the field and the type of producers with whom they work.”
- Ingrid Allende, Liaison Officer Chile

“It has been great meeting Liaison Officers from different countries and understanding the diversity of circumstances, situations. What Fairtrade is in my country is not necessarily the same as in Africa or Latin America.”
- Raju Ganapathy, Liaison Officer India.

Different groups in Fairtrade – FLO units, FLO-CERT, national Fairtrade organizations, businesses selling Fairtrade – presented their latest developments and sought input from the global producer services team’s invaluable experience with Fairtrade farmers and workers in the field.

“I got to understand how the whole Fairtrade system is working – FLO, Labelling Initiatives [national Fairtrade organizations], and businesses. Liaison Officers often work alone in our countries and so we don’t always have a vision of the whole system.”
- Hatem Jendoubi Liaison Officer for North Africa

“We got to know the developments of the other units – Global Product Management, Standards – who they are and what relation they have to our work. In some moments we feel that we are not in harmony. But we have the opportunity to see this and what we can do to have harmony.”
- Emilio Rojas, Liaison Officer for Peru

The Producer Services and Relations team also took time to look to the future, beginning with 2011 planning. The team departed to their countries with new inspiration for their work with producers.

“It has been a good opportunity to exchange experiences.  It has helped me to prepare for experiences I may have in the field.  I have learned success stories to tell to producers which will give them a lot of hope,”
- Hatem Jendoubi, Liaison Officer for North Africa.

“I came to the global meeting looking for more information and skills. I hope this week can help me do my work better.”
- Erwin Novianto, Liaison Officer Indonesia

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