Fairtrade Strong and Growing in the USA

The international FAIRTRADE Mark is the world’s most widely recognized ethical certification label. You can find it on chocolate bars, coffee bags, bananas, and nearly 27,000 products in over 120 countries. And soon you will find it in your favorite stores across the USA.

Wholesome Sweeteners' first-ever Fairtrade Agave Syrup

Triple Berry Glee Gum, one of the new products to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark

The international FAIRTRADE Mark

18 julio 2012

In March 2012 the Board of Fairtrade International (FLO) approved the launch of the FAIRTRADE Mark on the US market. Since then the Mark has already started appearing on products in the US. The groundwork has been laid for a new organization to help promote the international Mark, and Fair Trade in general, to US consumers and businesses.

“For the Fairtrade system this is a great opportunity. Not only to work more closely with grassroots organizations and businesses in the USA, but it also represents a unique opportunity to expand our efforts to make trade fairer,” said Molly Harriss Olson, Board Chair at Fairtrade International.

The international FAIRTRADE Mark is more than a label. Behind the distinct green and blue logo stands:

  • internationally-agreed and relevant Fairtrade Standards that help producers move along a development path to take care of their families and environment, and compete in international business;
  • a strong, independent certification system in FLO-CERT;
  • producer representation at the highest levels of decision-making;
  • 991 producer organizations around the globe certified and supplying Fairtrade products globally;
  • the support of civil society actors, dedicated Fair Trade organizations, mainstream businesses and producers.

Long-standing Fair Traders as well as companies completely new to Fairtrade are among those who have signed up to use the international FAIRTRADE Mark in the US. These include:

Companies interested in benefitting from clear Fairtrade chains of custody from producer to consumer* and in using the international FAIRTRADE Mark should contact Fairtrade Canada at license@fairtrade.ca. Fairtrade Canada, a member of Fairtrade International, is assisting US companies that would like to be part of the international Fairtrade system while the new organization in the US is set up.

Fairtrade International, through the new US entity, will continue to work closely with stakeholders to establish a powerful, collaborative, diverse coalition that is united in its belief in producer development and empowerment. The international Fairtrade system will compete respectfully in the Fair Trade marketplace to make sure the cumulative effect of all efforts will continue to strengthen producers’ position in international trade and improve livelihoods.

For more information on how you can get involved and details, please visit the USA section of our website.

*One of the consequences of FTUSA leaving the international Fairtrade system is that FLO-CERT no longer provides services to FTUSA.

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