Thinking Sustainably

04 February 2011

It is expected that by 2012 the number of people in the world will reach 7 billion. Along with this staggering number, demands on water and food systems have skyrocketed and the term ‘sustainable development’ has taken on global prominence.

At the recent World Economic Forum 2011 in Davos, more than 100 sessions covered topics such as sustainable lifestyles, redefining sustainable development, sustainability and corporate competitiveness, growth through sustainability and more.

Even as the term grabs headlines, the overall concept continues to be murky. Fairtrade International has published ‘Fairtrade’s Contribution to a More Sustainable World,’ a paper outlining Fairtrade’s efforts to define sustainability within the organization and how the Fairtrade system addresses this important issue.

Sustainability lies at the juncture of the economic, environmental and social spheres of human life. A balance must be achieved in all of these areas to find a sustainable way of life.

Fairtrade plays an important role by promoting responsible production practices that focus on all three dimensions putting people at the center.

“Whichever issue is at stake – climate change, food security or water security –  people come first with Fairtrade,” said Carlos Canales of FLO’s Strategy and Policy Unit. “Sustainability can only be achieved once people are able to face their economic, environmental and social challenges.”

To learn more about Fairtrade’s position on sustainability, please read: ‘Fairtrade’s Contribution to a More Sustainable World.’

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