Harriet Lamb is First Woman to Be Made Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University

Harriet Lamb is First Woman to be Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall (Photographer: Linus Hallgren)

15 October 2013

Harriet Lamb, chief executive of Fairtrade International, is today made an honorary fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University – the first time the college has given the honour to a woman.

Trinity Hall, founded in 1350, said the award recognized Lamb’s “global reach and influence as CEO of Fairtrade International and her commitment to social justice.”

Lamb, aged 52, read political science at Trinity Hall in 1979-1981, before doing development work with the untouchable caste in India.

She joined Fairtrade International in 1997 with the aim of improving life for banana growers in central America and became chief executive in 2012.

Professor Martin Daunton, Master of Trinity Hall, said the college prided itself on its engagement with its alumni and with the wider world.

“Many of its alumni are active in public life around the world and we are delighted that Harriet Lamb will be more closely involved with our community,” he said.

“As executive director and subsequently chief executive, she has raised the profile of the organisation, an organisation that Trinity Hall is committed to support.  We support her commitment to social justice.”

“I am delighted to accept this honour on behalf of all those women farmers and workers who are the backbone of Fairtrade across the world,” said Lamb.

“In the UK, it is the hard work of local campaigners, including people among the Cambridge University staff and students and in the local Cambridge group, who have helped put Fairtrade on the shop shelves. I very much hope that this award will help open the door to other women in the future!”

There are 37 honorary fellows of the college.

For further information: press@fairtrade.net

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