Celebrating Fairtrade in Central and Eastern Europe

15 October 2010

The Regional Central and Eastern Europe Fair Trade Conference is coming up 29-30 November in Warsaw. This year’s host country, Poland, is the largest Fairtrade market in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of sales.

The conference, organized by the Polish Fair Trade Coalition and FLO, marks the second gathering of fair trade stakeholders in the area since last year’s successful Fair Trade Seminar in Prague. Organizers hope to galvanize the fair trade movement in Central and Eastern Europe and provide a forum for mutual learning, networking and exchanges of experience.

Registration is open until 15 November. More information, as well as a registration form, can be found on the conference website at www.2010conference.fairtrade.org.pl. For further questions contact Matthias Altmann, New Markets Manager at FLO, at m.altmann@fairtrade.net.

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