Welcome Korea to the Fairtrade family

Matthias Altmann, New Markets Manager, FLO
Martin Hill, Director Global Accounts, FLO
Jean-Jacques Grauhar, Co-President, EKF
Dong-Hoon Jee, Co-President, EKF
Sumi Kim, Fairtrade Manager, EKF

23 March 2011

In 2010, consumers in Korea spent nearly 2 million Euros on Fairtrade certified products. A new agreement between the Europe-Korea Foundation (EKF) and Fairtrade International (FLO) will expand the opportunities for consumers, businesses and civil society organizations in Korea to engage with Fairtrade.

“The partnership with EKF will allow us to significantly increase the size of the Fairtrade market, thus allowing more producers in developing countries to benefit from Fairtrade” says Martin Hill, Director Global Accounts who co-signed the Agreement on behalf of FLO.

The EKF and FLO signed a Fairtrade Marketing Organization Agreement on March 17th, 2011. For the duration of this agreement, EKF will represent the Fairtrade label on the Korean market as a Fairtrade Marketing Organization.

In new Fairtrade markets, FLO licenses the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark on products. Local marketing organizations, like EKF, are responsible for supporting and promoting the Fairtrade System and Fairtrade certified products in their country. The Korean Fairtrade Marketing Organization hosted at EKF is the second national Fairtrade initiative in Asia after Fairtrade Label Japan. For a complete list of Fairtrade Marketing Organizations and Labelling Initiatives, visit Fairtrade Near You.

In Korea, EKF will provide information and services to companies interested in importing, processing or selling Fairtrade certified products on the Korean market, and will work to increase consumer and business awareness about Fairtrade products. The establishment of a Fairtrade Marketing Organization in Korea is a commitment by FLO and its members to contribute to the development of the fair trade movement in Korea.

“We’ll be glad to cooperate with other Korean Fair Trade stakeholders to raise awareness of fair trade and the Fairtrade label among Korean consumers, and we will work together to fight poverty through increased fairness in trade” says Jean-Jacques Grauhar, Co-President of the Europe-Korea Foundation.

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