Fairtrade: Certified strong standards

02 December 2011

Fairtrade knows a thing or two about certification and strong standards. Around the world, the Fairtrade Standards are known for their rigorous nature and highly credible development process. These strong Standards translate to strong consumer trust in the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark (9 in 10 consumers, according to a recent Globescan survey).

And now this fact has been verified by the ISEAL Alliance, the global association for social and environmental standards. ISEAL has confirmed that Fairtrade is in full compliance with the latest version of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Standard Setting.

The evaluation was completed by an independent verifier commissioned by ISEAL. Some of the criteria for compliance with the ISEAL Codes include well-managed and transparently documented processes, planned and systematic stakeholder involvement, and well-balanced and transparent decision-making processes. Special emphasis is placed on inclusion of the most affected and disadvantaged stakeholders; Fairtrade’s participatory and inclusive work with producers stands out in particular.

“This is the first time that compliance with the Codes was checked by independent verifiers and we’re happy to hear that we are on target with our work,” said Andreas Kratz, Director of Standards. “The results show the high level of credibility in our processes.”

Patrick Mallet, ISEAL’s Credibility Director, said, “ISEAL’s codes of good practice provide a common and solid framework for credible standards systems. We are delighted that Fairtrade is in compliance with the latest versions of our codes.”

The ISEAL Alliance is the global association for social and environmental standards systems. ISEAL members are leaders in the field, committed to creating solid and credible standards systems. Working with established and emerging voluntary standards initiatives in its membership, ISEAL develops guidance and facilitates coordinated efforts to ensure their effectiveness and credibility and scale up their impacts. Through its Codes of Good Practice, ISEAL defines the global benchmark for credible social and environmental standards. Compliance with these Codes is a membership condition.

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