Green & Black’s First Global Brand to Announce Partnership with Fairtrade International in the USA

Green & Black’s USA Products to Carry World’s Most Recognized Ethical Label to Drive Impact for Farming Communities

Green & Black's visit to CONACADO Fairtrade cocoa cooperative in Dominican Republic

29 agosto 2012

Green & Black’s, one of the world's leading manufacturers of organic Fairtrade chocolate, is the first major global brand to announce it will carry Fairtrade International’s FAIRTRADE Certification Mark in the USA. The move further emphasizes Green & Black’s commitment to Fairtrade which benefits farming communities in developing countries, including cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic and Belize and sugar farmers in Paraguay.

“We’ve seen Fairtrade farmers tackle the problems they face – from improving their farms to schooling for their children to improving health clinics,” says Martin Hill, Executive Commercial Director of Fairtrade International (FLO). “Now after almost two decades of collaboration, we’re excited to continue working with Green & Black’s in the USA. Americans have an appetite for fairness. With Green & Black’s continued support, farmers will have the possibility to bring about even greater change.”

“Green & Black’s has a long history of respecting and supporting our organic farming communities. We have always been committed to do what we believe is fair in our supply chain, in terms of what’s right for people and our planet. It’s these values that define our brand ethos as we delight consumers around the world with our delicious chocolate,” says James Holloman, Business Leader, Green & Black's Organic.

Breaking new ground is not unusual in long relationship between Green & Black’s and Fairtrade. The Maya Gold chocolate bar was the UK’s first Fairtrade certified chocolate bar when it was launched in 1994. More recently in 2011, Green & Black’s switched its entire range of organic chocolate bar and beverage products to Fairtrade certified in 30 countries including the USA. This move not only secured Green & Black’s leadership position in the organic and Fairtrade chocolate movement, but translated into $820,000 per year in Fairtrade Premium funds for Fairtrade certified farmers supplying cocoa, sugar, vanilla and coffee.

One of the producer groups to benefit will be the Toledo Cacao Growers’ Association (TCGA) in Belize. Justino Peck, Chairman of the TCGA welcomes news that more Fairtrade farmers will benefit: “This partnership will enable more and more farmers to reap the benefits of working with Green & Black’s and Fairtrade. Over the last 18 years TCGA have used the Fairtrade Premium for investment in secondary education and in building capacity for our business, allowing us to increase our membership from 200 to 800 farmers.”

The partnership between Fairtrade International and Green & Black’s works to empower small holder farmers. Fairtrade International has a global network of 50 field officers who train and support farmers’ organizations, as well as partnerships with over 20 development and finance organizations who deliver additional services. The people Fairtrade serves have a strong hand in how the system is run. Farmers and worker representatives, via three regional producer networks, have 50% of the vote at the Fairtrade General Assembly and serve on Fairtrade International’s Board and Standards Committee.

Earlier this year, Fairtrade International announced plans to work closely with US businesses and civil society organizations to set up new operations in the USA. Globally, Fairtrade works with more than 1.2 million producers in 66 developing countries. In 2011, sales of Fairtrade products generated more than USD 79 million worth of Fairtrade Premium for farmers and their communities. The FAIRTRADE Mark is the world’s most recognized ethical label, according to a 2011 GlobeScan study across 24 countries.

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